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Images that inspire, create, and connect. Your source of creativity, news, and your archive in one place only. Find your own view of the world in the leading image bank of Spain!

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Graphic service for news

AI image bank

Content writing for digital and online media

A real-time window on the world

Graphic news service for Spain and the world. Crucial facts and relevant events of the social chronicle, shows, entertainment, royalty, sports and much more covered by specialised multimedia journalists.


Access millions of archival, creative, and topical images and videos from our AI bank.

Dive into a vast collection of images and videos that capture the essence of our time, trigger imagination and tell stories spanning decades. From topical moments to creative snapshots, footage, and archive material. Find the inspiration you’ve been looking for. 

Boost your digital storytelling and bring your content to a whole new level.

In a digital world that demands impressive, dynamic content, Gtres Media arises as a crucial ally for boosting your online presence. Save resources, time, and effort. Your content will be delivered just ready to be posted on your platform. 

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